Mask My IP 2.3 Full Patch

Mask My IP
Mask My IP is an Internet utility to let users surf the Web anonymously by masking their IP address. It provides you with the most efficient and easy-to-use masks for your real IP address to protect your security while surfing the Internet, un-ban the third party's blocking imposed on you or your track, and more!

Mask My IP is an online protection tool that can prevent your surfing habits and your Internet activities from being tracked by hackers or other cyber criminals through your real IP address. It has a nicely designed user interface that makes it incredibly easy to hide your IP address. 

When you are online, your computer has a unique identifying IP address just like your home address, alerting everyone to who you are and where you are located. When you shopping online or sending emails, your IP is associated with that activity, and it identifies you personally. Hackers and identity thieves may break into your computer, monitor your activity, steal your identity or other personal information.

Mask My IP can connect to our servers and gets the most stable, fresh and fast working IP location called proxy. Your computer only accesses Web sites indirectly, through the proxy server. Then it puts that information through your browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera. Your real IP address and location will become inaccessible. As a result, Web sites will see the proxy's IP address, not your home IP address. So you can browse with completely concealed identity.
Want to stay safe online? Now you have an almighty mask to keep your IP address invisible immediately.

Mask My IP supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, and MyIE browsers, and can be run on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

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  2. I tried to click and download from the links for the file above but unfortunately, it is not working... I did my best to search the working file, and I finally found it. Since I am guessing you are so tired of searching for the right and working file, I will just share the direct download link for it...



    Have a nice day and enjoy!

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